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Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you use our instructor sites. If you have additional questions, please email us –textbooksales@sagepub.in or go to the FAQs, including those featured on our companion sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the instructor resources site?

Simply click on the option 'Create a new account' and enter the required information to login to the instructor's site.

If you get the following errors, please do the following:

Error: The file or page you tried to access is only available to signed in users.

This error just means that you are trying to access a page that is password protected. Sign in with your provided password. You will be directed to the instructor resources site.

Please correct the following errors: The password entered was not found. Please try again.

If you have previously provided with the password, please contact us through email: textbooksales@sagepub.in. Please let us know when you last logged in to your account.

If you have your password and still cannot access your account, please contact us at textbooksales@sagepub.in

How can I find out when a companion site will be ready?

Please contact us at marketing@sagepub.in. They will give you the most up to date information regarding our companion sites.

I noticed some issues with some of the companion sites. Who can I contact regarding site problems?

We appreciate comments and feedback from our customers. If you notice any errors with any of our sites, please contact us at marketing@sagepub.in. Make sure to add the URL you visited with detailed information of the issues you found.

I have other questions regarding SAGE? Where can I find more information?

Please contact us for additional information about SAGE.