Marketing Research

A Global Outlook

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About the book

This practical, detailed, and well-documented textbook will guide students, academicians, and market researchers through all phases of developing and conducting marketing research at local and global levels.

Marketing Research: A Global Outlook is a comprehensive text that tracks the dynamic world of global marketing and undertakes a systematic approach in discussing the steps involved in the process of conducting marketing research.

This text has been developed by the author from over two decades of experience in conducting marketing research and observing the behavior of customers in more than 30 countries. It discusses recent developments in the scope and extent of the subject and examines advances in quantitative and qualitative research techniques from a global perspective.

Key Features:

• Overview of marketing research processes including introduction of key concepts, exploring relevant issues, and highlighting major challenges to understand and coordinate the entire process

• Focus on the important phases of marketing research such as understanding its nature and scope, data collection, questionnaire designing, sampling, and analysis and presentation of results

• Numerous country-specific examples and cases from the global perspective giving detailed insight into the developments around the world

• Dedicated and up-to-date inclusion of a section on the aspects of marketing research in major geographical areas

• Chapter-end review exercises and case-based questions for critical and in-depth understanding