International Business

Theory and Practice

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International Business

About the book

International Business: Theory and Practice provides a broad overview of the multidimensional aspects of international business by using examples and cases from around the world. It gives a comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis of the fundamental challenges and emerging trends of international business practices in contemporary times.

This Indian edition has been carefully adapted to suit the needs of the students of business management and related disciplines in South Asian countries. Spread over 16 chapters, it unfolds the complex issues facing multinational, international, small, and medium-sized enterprises seeking to enter, manage, and compete across global markets.

Key Features:

  • Inclusion of concepts of cultural quotient, types of strategic alliances, global value chain, and more
  • Introduction of corporate governance practices in international financial reporting and focus on CSR and sustainability
  • New material on harmonized coding system and export documentation, IFRS, GST, and discussion on global financial institutions such as IMF, World Bank Group, and WTO
  • Introduction of various models on international business strategy including parent–subsidiary relationships
  • Thorough revision of the “country focus” feature, besides major updates in tables and figures throughout the text