Financial Management

A Strategic Perspective

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Financial Management

About the book:

This book discusses the concepts of financial management by using real-life corporate strategies to help understand the decision-making process of modern-day business enterprises.

Strategic financial management as a discipline has acquired critical significance because of continuing globalization and resulting cross-border flow of capital. Financial Management: A Strategic Perspective stresses upon the importance of applying knowledge and techniques of financial management to the planning, operating and monitoring of financial functions within the context of the strategic choices and issues that have an impact on an organization’s long-term success.

Divided into four major sections, this book enables students to explore a wide range of concepts and issues related to an organization’s strategic objectives and the internal and external analysis of those objectives.

Key Features

• Incorporation of real-life cases providing a critical view of the application of the theories discussed

• Extensive coverage of various forms of corporate expansion through financial restructuring as per the Indian regulatory framework

• Integration of mathematical problems and solutions for understanding the practical aspects of financial decision-making

• Robust companion website offering complementary chapters on Corporate Sickness, Strategic Corporate Restructuring and Benchmarking and additional case studies and solutions of unsolved problems