Total Quality Management

Concepts, Strategy and Implementation for Operational Excellence

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Introduction to Sustainable Development

About the Book

This textbook discusses total quality management (TQM) as a strategy rather than just a technique and provides a comprehensive overview of how TQM helps in attaining operational and business excellence, leading to customer satisfaction.

Total Quality Management: Concepts, Strategy and Implementation for Operational Excellence elaborates upon the interface of total quality (TQ) with a wide spectrum of activities such as designing, purchasing, manufacturing, process control, systems installation and maintenance, and service delivery. It broadly covers the core concepts, tools, techniques and cross-functional linkages of TQM with other operational domains. The book also demonstrates how quality management systems (QMS) should be effectively integrated with factors related to the environment, safety and maintenance to ensure business continuity, sustainability and social accountability.

Besides catering to the needs of students of management and engineering in South Asia, the book would also be useful for corporate practitioners and TQM professionals.

Key Features

• Detailed coverage of the management of planning, designing, controlling and improving quality in products and services

• Industry insights to TQM practices and implementation spread throughout the chapters in the form of snapshots

• Dedicated chapters on the Six Sigma approach to quality and toolkit for TQM