A Bridge to Mathematics

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A Bridge to Mathematics

About the book

This book aims to help students of social sciences, liberal arts, and humanities to develop the ability to analyze and reason mathematically, to model situations and problems, and to be able to infer, present, and communicate their analysis effectively. Mathematical concepts are presented in both historical and everyday contexts to ease their utilization in the real world.

Readers are introduced to the skills of expressing mathematical ideas using the language of sets, logically analyzing arguments and their validity, processing and interpreting data, and using probability to handle the inherent randomness of our world. Chapters dedicated to symmetry, perspective, and art will enable readers to reason, model, and evaluate everyday situations. The book will also increase awareness of how mathematical patterns pervade the world around us.

Key Features

  • Gentle and non-calculus-based treatment of the topics
  • Real-life examples and data along with numerous visual aids
  • Plethora of solved examples and exercises to develop hands-on experience
  • Material on computational tools for data handling, analyses, and presentation