Modern South Asian Thinkers

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Introduction to Sustainable Development

About the book

This book is a rare collection of essays on contemporary South Asian thinkers and their ideas. It seeks to introduce readers to the lives and beliefs of these thinkers who come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds such as Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics and Humanities.  The book discusses the works of 61 thinkers from across the region, avoiding both disciplinary and cartographic boundaries. One of the unique features of this text is that it moves away from the confines of traditional Eurocentric understanding of South Asia. Modern South Asian Thinkers will help readers understand the intellectual density of the region in a concise yet engaging manner.

Key Features:

  • Presents thinkers from various backgrounds, disciplines and nations.
  • Each essay relates thinkers with their location and contemporary surroundings.
  • Includes selections with sensitivity to nations and narrations.
  • Each entry is aided by boxed material on trivia, famous quotes and key inferences.