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About the Book

A comprehensive and engaging textbook that presents the fundamentals of statistical analysis using Excel and its application in business.

For beginners, both statistics and Excel can be intimidating topics to grasp. This textbook promises to be an easy solution that offers an introduction to the use of Excel in business statistics. The author provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Excel, beginning from the very basics and leading up to solving complicated statistical problems. Filled with screenshots illustrating each step, this book provides detailed explanations on how to use the different statistical functions that Excel offers and their application in the world of business.

It shows readers how Excel is an invaluable tool in a manager’s toolbox and how it can be used for effective and efficient decision-making. Business Statistics Using Excel would be a valuable companion for both students and practising managers who want to improve their skills in data analytics.

Key Features:

  • Contains more than 100 solved examples to explain key statistical problems
  • Exhaustive coverage of current syllabi of business statistics of major institutes and universities
  • Includes supplementary resources on advance topics such as statistics using R
  • Extensive review exercises at the end of each chapter to ensure maximum retention