A Helper's Manual

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About the Book

A textbook introducing students to the basics of counselling in an accessible and comprehensive manner.

This adaptation of Basic Counselling Skills guides students and practitioners through developing a range of key skills essential for the contemporary mental health professional. The skills it teaches are not just useful in basic counselling but applicable across a range of settings including nursing, social work and youth work. The book explains more than 17 counselling skills in a well-defined context with clear illustrations and examples to facilitate easy comprehension. The chapters also cover various professional issues such as ethical dilemmas, working with diversity and supervision. Each chapter is accompanied by engaging and creative activities designed to help the students internalize the concepts thoroughly.

Key Features: 

  • A nuanced cultural and gender-sensitive approach to the problems faced by mental health professionals
  • Structured activities that help students understand the use of specific skills in different scenarios
  • Real-life examples to guide students through actual counselling problems 
  • Step-by-step instructions that take the reader through the entire counselling process