Teaching-Learning Resources for School Education

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Teaching-Learning Resources for School Education

About the book

The book addresses the needs of student–teachers and teacher–educators by providing a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of teaching and learning resources (TLRs) in the Indian context.

No educational effort or reform can be complete without recognising the importance of TLRs, their actual development and reflective use. This one-of-a-kind textbook, with contributions from an eclectic mix of academics, researchers and practitioners, deals with the development and effective application of TLRs to construct a meaningful learning environment for children.

Teaching-Learning Resources for School Education addresses and fulfils a need repeatedly expressed by educators at different forums.

Key Features

• Helps to conceptualise and comprehend TLRs from pedagogic, child development and socio-political perspectives

• Examines the reflective use of TLRs, remaining within the disciplinary framework of specific domain areas

• Discusses issues related to preparing, analysing, producing and disseminating effective TLRs in functional settings

• Provides necessary support for meaningful use of TLRs in the classroom to achieve desirable learning objectives