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About the Book

An authoritative and comprehensive introduction to the field of mass communication that offers unmatched coverage of research and debates.  

This edition of the classic text on the theory of mass communication gives the reader a thorough foundational knowledge of the subject. Students of mass communication can use this book not just as a narrative of mass communication theory but as a gateway into the many different fields of the subject. The book extensively covers contemporary research and debates that interest the reader and encourage them to think clearly and critically about the issues addressed by the authors. Each chapter contains information that will help students to explore the background, relevance and current research in the topic being discussed. 

This book will be ideal for the reader or student who is looking for a basic and time-tested text on mass communication theory.

Key Features:

  • Boxed case studies on key research publications, familiarizing students with the critical research texts in the field
  • An increased focus on conceptualizing ‘mass’ media, and communication and media theory in an age of big data, algorithmic culture, AI, platform governance, streaming services and mass self-communication
  • Inclusion of a diverse and global range of voices, histories and examples from across the field
  • Further discussion of the ethics of media and mass communication in all chapters