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About the Book

A comprehensive textbook covering fundamentals of psychology and its application and usage in sports and related activities.

Sports Psychology is based on the premise that one’s participation and performance in sports is as much psychology oriented as it is a matter of physiological skill and talent. This textbook offers to build a sound groundwork in concepts and theories of psychology for their appropriate application to enhance participation in sports activities. The contents of the book will aid students, teachers, trainers, coaches as well as players to improve and maintain their performance in various sports activities. 
Written in a simple and user-friendly style, the textbook covers the syllabi of psychology courses on the subject as well as course curriculums of BPEd and MPEd programmes. Besides being an indispensable asset to students, the book will prove to be beneficial for coaches and sport psychologists engaging in the task of training, coaching and guiding the trainees and athletes. 

Key Features:

  • Chapters arranged to aid sequential learning and understanding of the concepts with a balanced blend of theory and practice
  • Traces the historical evolution of sports psychology as a subject of study and its current status and future trends 
  • Throws light on the issues related to athletes’ mental health including anxiety, stress, frustrations and conflicts, aggression and violence, and sports injuries and their management
  • Content adequately illustrated with examples, case studies, boxed materials, figures and tables