The Scientific and Practical Explorations of Human Strengths

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About the Book

A comprehensive introduction to positive psychology that brings the theories to life through real-world applications.

This new edition of Positive Psychology is a perfect introduction to the growing field of positive psychology. Divided into eight distinct parts, the book guides the students through the subject gradually, while engaging them at every step of the way. It teaches positive psychology through an approach that integrates both Western and Eastern thoughts to give students an idea of the wide reach and implications of the field. The book presents cognitive, emotional, and social issues in the context of positive psychology. It shows how psychological theories can be used to improve education, workplaces, and daily life. Updated with the latest research in the field, this book is an indispensable manual for students of psychology. 

Key Features:

  • Detailed discussion of culture as a factor to help students contextualize the subject 
  • New research and new models on using positive psychology to deal with the effects of racism and discrimination
  • In-depth and extensive coverage of neurological findings and their relationship with the subject
  • Examples of the use of mindfulness and meditation for a large variety of people