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About the Book

First-ever textbook dealing with the marginalized communities and weaker sections of the Indian society through historical and contemporary societal perspectives.

Marginalized and weaker sections of India such as scheduled castes, OBCs and scheduled tribes, and minorities -- linguistic, religious and sexual -- have been studied under different disciplines over the years, especially sociology, social anthropology, social work and political science. This book comprehensively brings together the major findings and debates around all the marginalized, socially excluded and weaker sections of the Indian society. Starting from the issues of definition and conceptualization, it goes on to provide various strands of their society, culture, problems and the role of the State. It provides historical perspective backed by the contemporary situation and emerging social changes among these communities. Written in a lucid manner, the textbook aims to reach and impact readers who may not have prior academic exposure to this subject area.

Key Features:

  • Adopts interdisciplinary approach for the benefits of the students of sociology, anthropology, social work and political science
  • Offers clear and accessible analysis of theories, concepts and issues involved
  • Includes latest research and empirical studies supplemented by a variety of relevant opinions and debates