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About the Book

An entertaining and foundational manual on how to use R to solve statistical problems. 

Discovering Statistics Using R uses an irreverent and innovative approach to explain how students can use R to approach statistical problems. It introduces readers to the software environment of R and shows how it can be used in the field of statistics. The authors understand that the concepts of statistics can be difficult to access, so they use humour, and informal and conversational language for easy comprehension. The book includes multiple engaging examples and simple problems to ensure that the concepts of the software, as well as the statistical concepts, can be easily understood by the readers. Given this book’s accessibility, fun spirit, and use of bizarre real-world research, it is essential for anyone wanting to learn about statistics using the freely available R software.

Key Features:

  • A detailed introduction to the software environment of R guides the reader on how to use R
  • Relates theory to the real world to help students think about how the software can be applied to research problems
  • Humorous and accessible language that simplifies complex concepts and processes
  • Numerous problems and examples that test the readers’ understanding of the subject