Theories and Applications

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About the Book

It is a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Psychology and Applied Psychology.  UG and PG Students of Social Work will also find this book helpful.

Community Psychology: Theories and Applications goes beyond individual focus and directs its attention to community as the centre of intervention. It dwells on the contemporary problems and challenges of the common people at the community level. This book addresses the application of community psychology to a broad range of social problems such as mental health stigmas, physical health challenges, social asymmetries, resource disparities, disadvantaged minority groups, the differently abled, persons with HIV/AIDS, and disaster victims among others.

One of the first textbooks on community psychology in India, this book is an attempt to find new ways to empower communities, encourage social change and promote diversity.

Key Features:

  • Focus on governmental and non-governmental response toward rescue, intervention and rehabilitation of people who require immediate attention
  • Dedicated intervention-based chapters on school children, elderly, differently abled and project-affected people for addressing the challenges faced by specific communities
  • Case Studies and conceptual models for better understanding and application of the subject.
  • In-depth analysis of contemporary issues and strategies for way forward suggested.