Concepts, Issues and Impacts

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About the Book

This textbook provides a thorough understanding of the conceptual framework of tourism. It offers a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and terms used in the tourism industry, various agencies involved, tourism-related laws, demand and supply dimensions and the economic, socio-cultural and environmental effects of tourism activities. 

Tourism: Concepts, Issues and Impacts provides insight into various international and national organizations working in the tourism sector, their functions and roles in managing tourism and its related aspects. By using rich pedagogical features, examples and cases from across the world, this book will prove to be a staple read for all students of hospitality and tourism management.

Key Feature:

  • Student-friendly, interactive and relatable content
  • Covers the entire gamut of basic tourism concepts to help beginners build a strong groundwork of the fundamentals 
  • Text aided by tables, figures, photographs and boxed examples
  • Chapter-end review exercises and project ideas to help students in gaining practical knowledge