Journalism in the Digital Age

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About the Book

First of its kind book to have extensive coverage of reporting, with a special focus on beat reporting.

Beat Reporting and Editing: Journalism in the Digital Age offers an extensive and pioneering study of reporting for all the news beats, and news writing and editing. Besides having exclusive chapters on rural reporting, storytelling, photojournalism and cartooning, social media reporting, misinformation and fake news, and solution-based journalism, this coedited forty-eight-chapter textbook is an exhaustive resource filled with insights on traditional beats like defence, politics, court, crime, sports and entertainment. It covers all the emerging forms of journalism such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and bots, podcast, mobile journalism (MOJO), drone journalism (DOJO) and data journalism in India. 

The book is structured to guide the students and teachers on the techniques of reporting on specific beats in the digital environment, role of AI and digital technologies in newsgathering and reportage as well as issues of identity, data, research and analysis in new-age journalism. Drawing on an enormous range of examples, case studies and first-hand experiences of eminent journalists and media educators, it encourages students to critically engage with all forms of journalistic writing in the digital era.

Key Features:

  • First-of-its-kind textbook to include extensive coverage of reporting, with special focus on beat reporting 
  • Not only limited to print media but also covers broadcast journalism as well as digital media 
  • Contains chapters by highly experienced journalists who have worked in their specific beats for decades, and academicians teaching the subject in the classroom
  • One of the most future-ready textbooks on journalism featuring a whole section on innovations and emerging technologies in journalism