Text and Problems

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About the Book

Business Laws: Text and Problems offers a comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of legal aspects of business.
Written exclusively to serve as a companion for courses on business law, the book spans 27 chapters, providing concise and lucid explanation of the Indian Contract Act, 1872; Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881; Sale of Goods Act, 1930; Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 and Information Technology Act, 2000. To make the topics relatable and showcase the practical applications of these acts, each chapter is laced with examples from different sectors.
Key Features:
  • Relates  legal acts and provisions of business to leading examples for practical explanation and easier understanding
  • Appendix comprising consolidated explanation of important keywords and concepts for easy access and quick recollection
  • Objective-type questions, test questions and practical problems with hints for practice and self-evaluation
  • Previous years’ examination question papers of business laws  for students to have a clear idea of the question pattern in examinations
  • Rich companion website including PPTs for classroom use, case studies, practice questions and teaching notes