Essential Social Psychology

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About the book

Helps readers build a strong groundwork through easy and accessible discussion on essential theories and research in social psychology.

The third edition to this well-acclaimed textbook offers a lively introduction to the major theoretical debates, new approaches, and findings in the discipline. The concise yet well-rounded chapters cover the classic and contemporary studies incorporating a range of approaches—from evolution to neuroscience, from critical to qualitative perspectives. By thoroughly integrating latest research from the field, Essential Social Psychology encourages readers to develop critical insights to the topics and identify their application to real-world issues.

Feature Highlights

  • Dedicated chapters on Applied Social Psychology and Social Psychological Methods
  • Coverage of developing research perspectives on social neuroscience and evolutionary psychology
  • ‘Back to the Real World’ textboxes to situate academic findings in the context of the real world
  • Extensive range of learning aids—cases and examples, summary sections, memory maps, assignments, and so on.