Learn English

A Fun Book of Functional Language, Grammar, and Vocabulary

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Learn English

A one-book army that will demolish your fear of and troubles with English!

If you wish to improve your English but don’t know where to begin, try reading this book. Learn English is a complete package that presents the fundamentals of the English language in an enjoyable, reader-friendly style.

From basic sentences to complex grammatical forms, from essential English words to modern business vocabulary, and from common errors to elements of style, this book covers them all! As you work through the book, you will find answers to your questions in easy-to-understand, informal language.

The book is specifically aimed at South Asians who face similar challenges while learning English. With contexts and stories they can easily relate to, this book offers insights into English in a fun way. It will help you speak and write English with clarity and confidence.

This book:

• Can be used either by self-learners or in a classroom

• Is based on modern concepts of second language acquisition

• Deals with linguistic challenges and cultural aspects from a South Asian perspective