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About the Book

This revised edition of the bestselling textbook explains the development, activities and complexities of Indian government and politics and its contemporary aspects. 

Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, Indian Government and Politics, 2e, offers a refreshingly creative interpretation of foundational ideas, key institutions, democratic processes and states’ responses to public aspirations. It unearths new areas of inquiry by posing pertinent questions on the nature of Indian politics and functioning of the government. The book studies how the political institutions have emerged and changed since the end of the colonial rule in the country. Its strength lies in its focused content and analytical rigour that help readers to critically engage with the political happenings in India.

This edition will continue to serve as a standard textbook for UG and PG students of political science and public administration. It will also act as an incisive manual for UPSC and civil service aspirants.

Key Features:

  • Continues to help build a solid theoretical--conceptual foundation on the nature and texture of Indian politics
  • Thoroughly updated and revised chapters to reflect recent developments in Indian politics
  • Six additional chapters on the nature of Indian state, fundamental rights and directive principles of state policy, public services, electoral process, corruption and machinery for redressal of public grievances and social movements  
  • Introduction of pedagogical features such as Did You Know boxes, brief bio-notes of eminent writers of Indian politics and mid-chapter exercises to aid self-learning and assessment