Introduction to Political Ideologies

Contexts, Ideas, and Practices

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Introduction to Political Ideologies

About the Book

This new textbook shows that each of the major political ideologies gives rise to, or in some cases specifies, a particular view of human beings, with significant consequences for the ways we organise our political systems and our forms of political participation. In each chapter, the author provides a brief historical introduction and then outlines the key points of the ideology concerned. He then demonstrates conceptual and practical issues that arise thence, including successes and failures in the implementation of the selected ideologies. The chapters follow a broad conceptual sequence and adopt a chronological order where appropriate.

This clear, direct, and accessible textbook aims to aid the reader to identify and evaluate the assumptions underlying a wide range of public matters. The intention is to help enhance readers' understanding of major public issues, so that they can ask more incisive and better-informed questions about those.

Key Features

  • Each chapter supplemented by an opposite list of suggested readings and extension exercises
  • A dedicated chapter on Technocracy and Managerialism
  • An ideal companion for students from different backgrounds, including political science, public administration, philosophy, public policy, law, journalism, and other areas