Indian Administration

A Foundation of Governance

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Introduction to Sustainable Development

About the book

Indian Administration: A Foundation of Governance offers a modern introduction to the structure and functioning of Indian public administration. The text has been developed keeping in mind the various conceptual shifts in the idea and practice of governance and its effects at both domestic and global levels. It analyses the fundamentals of Indian administration and its multiple aspects through the lens of public administration theories and practices.

Beginning with the evolutionary stages of administrative functions in independent India, the book elaborately traces the role of the Constitution in creating the framework for good governance. It provides critical insights into the development of local governance in India, the crucial relationship between the elected representatives and civil servants, the role of ethics in governance and the much debated aspects of social welfare administration. This comprehensive textbook will be an indispensable companion to the students of public administration, political science, and UGC NET and civil services aspirants.

Key Features

• Analytical approach in examining the fundamental themes and key issues in Indian administration.

• Theoretical and practical aspects of administration and governance explained in an easy-to-understand manner

• Special focus on social welfare administration, administrative reforms and local governance