Marketing Management

Indian Context Global Perspective

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About the book

Isn't it time we addressed the elephant in the room?

Are the existing texts on marketing management contextually sufficient for Indian students? Here is the pioneer. A book that is India-centric, comprehensive and apt for the times. Staying relevant to contemporary times, the sixth edition of the transformational text Marketing Management: Indian Context, Global Perspective comes with an even mightier foundation with its practical, research-based content.

Why this particular text?

Because it is not an ‘adaptation of a foreign book’ or one ‘with few Indian examples’. It has remained, since its first edition, published 35 years ago, the unparalleled text presenting an India-centric approach to the discipline of marketing.

The compelling logic for an Indian text

Since marketing is an environment-driven subject, it requires an environment-specific treatment. This text meets this need and equips students to comprehend marketing in a manner relevant to the Indian setting.

Tracks every transition and change

Marketing is changing. India is changing. Technology, digitisation and overall disruption drive this change. This text captures this change and interprets its import.

Comprehensive coverage, engaging presentation

The text re-visits the basics and explores the contemporary concepts of marketing. It contains a fine blend of mini cases on experiences of companies, both Indian and global. It comes with a brand-new feature: Marketing Insight Exhibit; as many as 140 exhibits explain how high-performing Indian and global companies keep excelling.

With this book, students will start loving the study of marketing

User-friendliness, excellent readability, exciting presentation and innovative design are its hallmarks.