Rural Marketing

Challenges and Opportunities

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Rural Marketing

About the book

This new textbook discusses how the application of traditional marketing theories transforms when the ‘fourth sector’, or the emergence of social business, comes into play. Drawing from latest research, Rural Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities closely analyses two crucial components of the rural market—marketing to rural areas and empowering the ‘bottom-of-pyramid’ (BoP) markets to create successful business ventures. Written as per the prescribed curriculum of rural management and rural marketing courses offered by the major universities in India, this book goes beyond discussing just the strategies to sell products to village economies. Infused with numerous real-life case studies of companies that have ventured into the field, this book will prove to be an extremely useful resource in understanding the uniqueness, dynamics and challenges of marketing in rural areas.

Key Features

  • Rich pedagogy including opening and closing case studies, mini case studies, engaging chapter-end exercises and project assignments
  • Inclusion of references to recent research data, important journal articles and videos for classroom teaching
  • Comprehensive overview of the future of rural marketing through BoP approach, social enterprises and use of big data