Theories and Applications for Emerging Economies

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About the book

This new textbook presents macroeconomic theory and its implications in policy formulation in a unique manner, continuously weaving in scenarios from India and other emerging economies. While the book meticulously guides the reader through the workings of key macroeconomic models, it also discusses at length the assumptions that make the models applicable to developing market nations. It offers interesting insights into the Simple Keynesian Cross Model, international capital movement and different schools of macroeconomic thought, and compares macroeconomic models of developed and developing economies.

Key Features:

  • Boxed text highlighting experiences of emerging market economies and demonstrating the role of macroeconomic theory in policy implications
  • Use of charts and tables with current data for better comprehension and illustration of the theories and inter-linkages of macroeconomic forces
  • Theoretical content of each chapter is illustrated and supplemented by relatable examples and case studies based on policies undertaken by the Indian economy
  • A must-have companion for students of economics, policy studies, management, administrative services, commerce and others